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our solar energy system is an investment in your home. So, make the most of your investment by partnering with Barron's Solar Wash Company. We offer residential solar panel cleaning, bird proofing and window washing services in Henderson, Las Vegas & Paradise, NV.

Leave your dirty solar panels and windows to our team. You can hire us for:



As a local, family-operated solar panel cleaning company, we're dedicated to serving our community. Our mission is to make your solar energy system last a lifetime through detailed cleanings and preventive maintenance. We also strive to protect the environment by using eco-friendly cleansers.

Make your clean energy source even cleaner. Contact us today for solar panel cleaning services in the Henderson, Las Vegas & Paradise, NV area. Be sure to ask about our price matching and free estimates.








Put a stop to bird invasions under your panels

Ensure the longevity of your solar investment with expert solar panel bird-proofing from Barron's Solar Wash Company. Our team specializes in installing rubber-coated galvanized steel mesh to prevent pigeon nesting and damage to your solar array's components. Our owner oversees the bird-proofing and cleaning process for the highest quality results. Don't let debris, pests, or pigeons compromise the appearance and functionality of your solar panels. Contact us today for reliable solar panel bird-proofing solutions.