We Treat Your Solar Panel As Ours

At Barron's Solar Wash Company, we go the extra mile to ensure that your energy aid is up and running. We clean, inspect, and protect your solar panels in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Boulder City Nevada.
A 3-in-1 deal at affordable rates! We do that because once you reach out to us, you are family. And for our family, their solar panel is also ours and deserves a wholesome cleaning. What do we hope to achieve?

Our Mission

We aim to bring a new definition of clean and sustainable energy to homes in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Boulder City. That is why our solar panel wash is entirely natural.
Unlike other washers in Nevada, we use 100% pure water. To attain such purity, we employ multi-stage filtration devices to remove all traces of minerals from the water.

That way, our aids are free of chemicals, and we get to contribute our quota to a green world of clean energy. And for you, our clients, we aim to help you extract the most juice from your solar panels while decreasing your expenses. Perhaps you wonder how we started on this green journey.
Here is how:

Our Story

Ricardo Barron, the owner of Barron's Solar Wash Company, wasn't always based in Nevada. He was, in fact, from El Salvador. Through the years, Ricardo Barron moved to the state and fell in love with the Nevada plains and people. What added to that was his Mom. You see, his Mom won a nickel jackpot during her vacation in Nevada. Since then, Barron's had always wanted to give back to the people of the state. So, he started his solar panel cleaning company in Henderson, NV. He saw the gap for cleaner and sustainable energy. And he hadn't regretted his decisions ever since. The world deserves clean energy and even cleaner maintenance routines. That's what Barron's Solar Panel Wash services aim to achieve.
Even his values align in that direction. Have a look!

Our Values


Before anything, hiring Barron's Solar Wash Company is an assurance of quality. We are experienced and licensed with the state to work on your panels.
In essence, you have nothing to fear with us. We are adept at all things solar units, including cleanings, inspections, protections, and maintenance routines.


We understand that you'd already invested so much in your solar units. Perhaps you had even hired the wrong cleaner in the past. For those reasons, we offer one of the best pricing options in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Boulder City. Yet, we have provisions for more flexible offers. The reason for that is because we are more of building lasting relationships. We believe when you get results, you'd appreciate our fair and flexible pricing system.


This value is the cornerstone of all our dealings at Barron's Solar Wash Company. It is why we offer 100% chemical-free cleaning services.
Our sustainability approaches also mean we won't be back down on our values. In other words, you can rest assured of continued standard services and flexible pricing options. Sounds like good deals, eh? Check out our services today, and let's see how Barron's Solar Wash Company can help you!

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