How do you clean the panels?

We connect a 3-stage filtration system to your house's water spigot. The water goes through the system and gets all the minerals and contaminants removed from it. it then passes through our poles which has a boar's hairbrush on the other end that is used to scrub away the dirt, grime, and pigeon waste.

Can the process scratch the panels?

No, our brushes are made from REAL animal hair. Boar's hair to be exact. It is strong and coarse enough to remove dirt and grime but gentle enough to leave NO scratches. The brush that holds the hair is made from non-marring plastic, our poles are made from fiberglass, and our hoses our all plastic.

Do you charge per panel?

No, It depends on the size of the system.

Do have a maintenance plan?

Yes. We offer a 1-year and a 3-year Energy Boosting Maintenance Program

Do you offer inspections?

Yes, a FREE 15-point visual inspection is included with every wash.

How about pictures?

Yes, we take pictures of before and after we clean as well as anything else that might need attention.

How long does it take to clean the panels?

Depending on how dirty and how many there are, it could take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Do you clean under the panels

Yes, we remove any nests and/or pigeons that are under them. We then wash out the pigeon waste and debris that is left.

How about the roof?

We do a basic cleaning of the roof which removes a lot of the waste around the panels. We do offer an extensive roof cleaning that removes 99% of all stains from the entire roof for an additional charge.