Maximize the Efficiency of Your Solar System

Arrange for solar panel cleaning and coating services in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Over time, dust and debris can gather on your solar panels, causing them to be less efficient. That's why you should turn to Barron's Solar Wash Company for solar panel cleaning services in the Henderson or Las Vegas, NV area. We can wash and dry your solar panels before applying an antistatic surface protectant.

Call today to sign up for an annual solar panel coating and cleaning contract. Our experts will clean your solar panels three times per year, every four months to help keep them working at maximum efficiency.

Check out the benefits of the ChemiTek antistatic surface protectant

Barron's Solar Wash Company offers solar panel cleaning and coating services in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. The antistatic surface protectant we use is manufactured by ChemiTek They are one of the most innovative and sustainable chemical company worldwide and are committed to developing highly efficient and environmentally friendly products. We recommend applying it to all solar systems because it:


  • Is made specifically for dry climate areas, like Nevada
  • Includes zero solvents, so it won't damage your aluminum frames or silicone panels
  • Does not void your warranty
  • Lasts four to six months




Regular cleanings combined with the application of our antistatic surface protectant can increase the energy production of your solar system dramatically. Contact us right away to get a free estimate on solar panel coating services.



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